depression is when you don’t really care about anything

anxiety is when you care too much about everything

and having both is just like what

Having both is staying in bed because you don’t want to go to school and then panicking because you don’t want to fail. Having both is wanting to go see your friends so you don’t lose them all, then staying home in bed because you don’t want to make the effort. Having both is insanely hard and sucks to deal with.
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At times I just think.. ‘Internet? Why?’

Reblog if you’d care if I killed myself







i tried to scroll past this but that one reblog just might save somebodies life 

Disappointed in whoever scrolls past this

((I’m not surprised if I don’t get a reblog.not at all…))

why would you even want to scroll past this? this kind of thing saves people’s lives all the time.

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Katie 21, and husband Nick 23, knew before the wedding that Katie had terminal cancer but Nick vowed to marry the love of his life. With all her complications, Katie planned every part of her wedding and her dressed had to be altered many times due to the constant weight loss

Katie died 5 days after her wedding. To see a fragile woman dress as a bride with a beautiful smile makes you think… Happiness is always there within reach, no matter how long it lasts. Lets enjoy life and don’t live a complicated life. Life is too short.

Work as if it was your first day. Forgive as soon as possible.
Love without boundaries. Laugh without control and never stop smiling. Please pray for those suffering from cancer.

Given up.

No matter how much I have given up on myself I shall never tell you, even if you do see this I won’t tell you, I refuse to let you know how much you are supporting me, and how worthless I actually feel. Sometimes I want to have a massive rant at you but I really can’t because you’re the only thing I have.


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Weight doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy with yourself.” Billie Piper


studies show that i am a fucking idiot

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maybe if you came and fell asleep next to me I wouldn’t be so sad

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I believe this to be all too true for us.


I believe this to be all too true for us.


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